We are walking 60 miles for Amelie!!

                               All about Amelie

amblersIn June 2019 Amelie from Putteridge Primary School was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. She is now 7 years old. This was obviously a huge shock to Amelie and her family. Amelie is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and the Luton and Dunstable Hospital. Since the diagnosis Amelie, her family and school have received support from an amazing charity called CLIC Sargent.
CLIC Sargent have a care team who provide day-to-day support by giving information and guidance, to clinical care and specialist play during treatment. Their nursing teams can provide personal care and support at home, or arrange for treatment to be given closer to home. They also have CLIC Sargent Homes from Home, which offers accommodation close to hospitals, where families can stay during treatment for free. CLIC Sargent provides grants to families because on average, cancer will cost families an extra £600 per month. Many children have to travel 60 miles to their nearest cancer treatment centre.Putteridge Primary and St Matthews Primary Schools have joined forces to raise money for CLIC Sargent. We are aiming to raise £14,000 and this money would cover the costs of the grants given to families in Bedfordshire for a year.
The staff challenge will take place on Friday 27th March where teams from both schools will be walking 60km from Luton to Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, in a day. Addenbrookes is the nearest cancer treatment centre for this area. The trek will highlight how far families have to travel often more than once a week to receive medical care. 

Thank you so much for your donations and support. 

In Year 1 we have two adults who are completing the 60mile walk to Cambridge, we have Mrs Prince and Miss Joseph.

We also have the lovely, Mrs Hanif, Mrs Bage and Miss Atkins.IMG-4998 We walked all the way to Hitchin last week Saturday and then walked back through the fields and back towards Luton Inspire Sports Village. This weekend we are walking to Barton Hills and through the villages and back to Luton again. In total we will be walking around 25 kilometres. Wish us luck!!

Please click on the link below to donate via the school website:


Keep an eye out for our journey! We have exactly 30 days until we complete the official 60 mile walk to Cambridge. Please keep donating towards the Amelies Amblers go fund me page, we have raised £5,269 so far and we have a target of £14,000.

Meet the rest of the team!!9d2716cc-cb6e-47cf-84e8-cd848ebfaf15





Number Day!

number dayLast week on Friday we had our very first Number Day at St Mattew’s! The day was full of lots of number fun and the children wore their favourite numbers. In Year 1 we had some number activities during our Maths session, and set up the tables with number bonds, addition and subtraction games. The children enjoyed talking about number pairs and we even had a little dance using our favourite number videos. The day was organised around the NSPCC charity who were encouraging schools across the UK to take part in raising money to help families and children that the charity supports.

As a school we raised £301 for NSPCC! We would like to thank everyone that donated money to help us reach this total.

Below are some photos of the children with their number themed outfits:

Curriculum update for this week!

updateAs you know every week we update you about the children’s learning in English, maths and topic.

In English this week we are continuing our learning about fairy tales and we have focused on the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Last week the children started to write the beginning and the middle of the story and this week we are going to finish writing the story with the children deciding on their very own ending.

In Maths we have been focusing on the 2x and 10x timetables. The children have been busy grouping objects into twos and 10s, then counting along to see how many they have altogether. To help the children with counting in twos and tens we have been used songs to  helps the children retain what they have learnt. To give the children some challenge we have also started learning the 5x timetable using their hands to support them.

Below are some videos we use to help the children with their counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

In guided reading this week we have read the story’ The Wolf’s Story’, this book is written from the perspective of the wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood story. The wolf in the story is very helpful to grandma and helps to look after her, whilst Little Red Riding Hood is mean to the wolf. Towards the end of the story the wolf has his tail cut off by the wood cutter and he runs away. 

Amazing Gingerbread Houses!


For homework a few weeks ago the children were tasked with making gingerbread houses as part of our fairy tale topic. We had been reading the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and the two main characters venture off into the woods because of their mean stepmother, who tells them that they are too expensive to feed. The children are led into the forest and left there. After much wandering they came across a gingerbread house made out of sweets and candies. The children are so hungry that they begin to eat the sweets from the house and then the door creeks open. It’s the witch! She captures both children and puts them into a cage telling them that she is going to eat them up. The children manage to free themselves and push the witch into the cauldron and run all they way back home. We have read two versions of this story and the children favoured the second version where the children lock the witch in the house and run home with all the witches treasures.

Below are a selection of pictures from the homework task. They really did a fantastic job! Well done to all!:

If you would like to learn about this story please click on the video below:


Story time with Miss Rodriguez

Due to the success of our previous story time videos on the Year 1 blog we have decided to bring them back again this term. This week our special storyteller is our Spanish teacher, Miss Rodriguez.  She is going to read a book for you all, called ‘What does the moon taste like?’ This story book is spoken in Spanish and we hope that you enjoy the story.

If you would like to hear the story translated into English there is a clip of the story below.

Tune in again next week to see what the new story for the week will be. Oh and don’t forget it will be a new story teller too!



St Matthew’s Chinese Restaurant

Last week the Year 1 children celebrated Chinese New Year and introduced the children to the culture of Chinese people. We talked about the Chinese Lunar story and how each animal took part in a race and the months of the year were named after each animals position once finishing the race. This year it is the year of the rat. 

                            Below is a video about the Chinese Lunar story:

On Thursday 30th and Friday 31st January the children in Year 1 had a big treat in store for them. We opened our very own Chinese Restaurant and invited each child to dine with us. The children were seated a their tables by the waiting staff and served a beverage. The children relaxed listening to Chinese music and talking to their friends. Next the children were served a starter of prawn crackers; some children even tried using their chopsticks to eat them with! Following the starter, the children were served some rice and spicy noodles. The meal ended with a special fortune cookie. The children had a great time and were so well mannered and behaved throughout the whole day.

Below are some pictures from the day:

If you would like to learn more about how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year please watch the following video:

                         A big  thank you to the Year 1 team for organising the two special days!